Educational Materials to students of Dhading.

Paragon Education Foundation(PEF) believes in “commitment to driving societal change and promoting environmental sustainability”. Working on innovative solutions along with government and non-profit organizations, Improving the quality of life, and fostering sustainable and integrated development in the communities where it operates is central to PEF philosophy. With this mission, on July 31st, 2020  the Managing Director of Paragon Public School along with members of PEF went to Benighat Besitole, Dhading, Province 3 in Buddhi Bikas School &……. This project is set up to provide educational material for 200 economically backward students between the age of 5 and 16, who are lacking access to adequate school materials. We help them to improve and develop their skills by providing educational necessities. This project will give the students a good opportunity for their own and their community's future. At this current situation, we know that the urgent action we take today can prevent the COVID-19 pandemic from becoming a lasting crisis for children, especially the most vulnerable. And here are many."; Shakir Uddin, the MD of Paragon Public School sighed. PEF has provided Soap, gloves, masks to around 200 children. PEF also conducted an awareness program of COVID 19 in these schools.

Paragon Education Foundation

When it comes to serving the community Paragon Public School has always tried to put forward all the means and resources to serve the situation. 
Being an educational institution is our priority to work in the field of developing education standards and to create the best possible environment for all scholars of our country Nepal. 
We believe “Better Education Will Lead To A Better Nepal”.

Paragon Protalus Foundation (Paragon Education  Foundation ), 
A non-governmental organization working at the grassroots level to help underprivileged children who don’t have access to quality education.
Established in 2019 with a simple idea "Shikshit Nepal Surakshit Nepal". Founded by Mr. Shakir Uddin & Mr. Cristopher Buck, who aim to support girls facing extreme hardship such as domestic violence, abandonment, trafficking, and unfortunate economic situation.
Not only providing school education but we aim to facilitate our girls to obtain the best education and environment from junior school to university education. 
Especially girls from Dolpo, Bara, Janakpur, Accham, Areas in Kathmandu, and other remote districts of Nepal.

One of PPF's primary concerns is promoting education for girls.
In 2019, with the collaboration of Protalus Insoles US, Paragon Public School has given scholarships to 70 vulnerable children, among them, 20 were the survivors of Tornado in 2018 in Bara district, 20 were survivors of domestic violence and trafficking and remaining are the children with economical crisis. They all are taken good care in with residential facility and 40 others equally needed and deserving day school facility at Paragon Public School.

At the end of 2019 PPF took a new step and goal to provide more children the privilege to excess formal and competitive education. Which can help them to be future leaders? PPF transformed its norms to focus only on education so the foundation started functioning independently making Paragon Public School the hub for education.
Paragon Education Foundation is providing 3 facilities ;

  • Day Schooling 
  • Hostel Facility 
  • House Of Hope 

Mr. Uddin says,” It's doubtless, education is the most powerful catalyst for social transformation. We will try our best in supporting the most vulnerable children access their Right to Education through innovative ideas such as forming student groups and child-tracking systems, holding awareness workshops with parents to ensure that they send children to school, and most importantly, Teachers Training Workshops.
We will try to build our country in which all children survive, have the chance to learn, and are protected from abuse, neglect, and exploitation."

"Just in a year, the improvement in the kids have shown, their enthusiasm and heir confidence to be global leaders. Our kids' hope, the joyful tears of their parents, their blessings, and the responsibility and commitment of our arduous team make us believe We are making a difference...A difference for betterment.” Mr.Uddin smiles with contentment.

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